Hosting a Code Club at your venue

Hosting a club

Code Club is a fun, volunteer-led after school activity that will teach children how to make video games, websites, and other exciting things! Our projects have been written for children who are 9-12 years old, based on average literacy and numeracy levels for this age group.

It's helpful to have a member of staff available to assist running the Code Club every week. This member of staff does not need to know anything about coding but it's a great chance for them to learn. Clubs are most successful when teachers and volunteers work together combining their classroom management and programming powers!

You can now sign up to register a non-school venue, such as a library, to run a Code Club. Finding a volunteer and setting up the club works in exactly the same way. However, you'll need parental permission for each child taking part. Your volunteer will be given an email link to send out to parents.

Finding a volunteer

In the first instance, please search for a volunteer or contact us directly ( to find out if we have a volunteer available for your venue. If we do not currently have a volunteer available we suggest you send this letter to your local school asking for help as, chances are, a member of your community has a talent for programming!

Lots of teachers run clubs themselves without a volunteer - take a look at our club project materials and see if you think this is something you could do too.

Please note: Code Club does not interview volunteers - it is your job as a venue to find out more about the volunteer and check you are happy for them to work in your school once a week.

What does a Code Club look like?

Code Club is a group of 10-15 children learning to program under the expert guidance of a computer programmer.

Our projects are fun, creative and will help children understand how to solve problems by breaking them down into smaller problems.

Our first set of projects uses Scratch, which is software you download from the internet. We encourage children to carry on with their projects at home if they have enjoyed them.

How do I get Code Club at my venue?

  1. Search within your local community or on this site for a volunteer.
  2. Arrange to meet your volunteer, find out more about them and check that you are happy for them to work in your school or venue once a week.
  3. Discuss the timings and size of club. It is your responsibility to ensure your volunteer has a clear criminal record and is fully insured. See our Terms and Conditions.
  4. Contact us when you are ready with the above, and we'll add your details to the map!
  5. Sign up children to your club and follow your usual parental permission procedures.

Make sure the volunteer has everything they need to run the club.

Register your venue

Find a volunteer